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21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

During the month of February we are joining our sister churches in the Vineyard Movement for 21 days of prayer and fasting. There are two purposes for this time of concentrated intercessory prayer.

1) The national organization we call Vineyard USA is going through a reorganization process. As part of that process the Executive Team will be presenting a new National Director for consideration in the month of March. So, we want to pray for our national organization and national leaders over the next 21 days as the future of the Vineyard Movement is being formed today -- we need God's direction to truly be a prepared people for the days ahead.

2) Locally, for Christ The King Vineyard Church, we are calling our members, family and friends to join us in fasting and prayer for the future of our church as well. It has been a slow start for us as a church, being released right at the beginning of the COVID Pandemic. Although we believed God prepared us for a slow and steady beginning, we did not envision it this way. I believe very few of us were prepared for the kind of year we have been through.

Yet, we sense God's direction as we prepare for a new season. The normal we once knew is no more and we are seeking God's wisdom in how to be His Church in the days ahead. It is our conviction that the Church is facing a new and exciting reformation, and we must be ready to embrace God's new ways to practice our "ancient faith" in this new season. We truly want to be a people prepared for the Lord and be flexible enough to say YES to whatever God is leading us to do in Spring & The Woodlands.

Its a new day... and God's mission has our hearts. His ways are higher than our ways... and we are pursuing His heart and His ways for our community. Join us in prayer everyday that God will make His heart and His way known to us for the days ahead.

Each day there will be a posting of daily prompts and Scripture readings on our Facebook page and here on our website. We will also continue to have virtual (online via Zoom) Worship & Intercessory Prayer meeting every Wednesday at 7:00 PM. We invite you to join us in whatever capacity you can.

Wednesday Intercessory Prayer & Worship at 7:00PM

Meeting ID: 466 513 7977 Passcode: 942845

If you believe God is revealing anything concerning Christ The King Vineyard Church feel free to share it with us. We believe God can and will speak through any one of us. We are looking forward to our journey in fasting and prayer together.

-- Dan Sanders

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