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SIGNS OF REVIVAL: Something Is Happening On College Campuses

Let us be aware of what the Spirit is doing today and prayerfully expectant that He will move in our community in the same way. The harvest is plentiful... (Luke 10:2).

One year after the stunning, 16-day, non-stop worship service at Asbury University, an outpouring of sorts still appears to be striking various schools and student bodies across America.


Thousands of Gen-Zers came together for worship, prayer and personal testimonies. Some students were so moved by the prayer service that they decided to get baptized in the beds of pick-up trucks nearby.


Online videos showed large crowds of students gathered around these trucks, watching their classmates openly embrace Christ.   A call from the stage asking who wanted to embrace Jesus led young people all over the venue to stand up. Then, the baptisms unfolded in a parking lot in front of the fraternity.


"I just heard the call from the Lord, and he said, ‘Be obedient,'" student Nate Kearns, a junior who was baptized, explained." "I listened to Him to take a step of faith and let my fraternity brothers watch that." 


Kearns said though he grew up culturally in the Christian faith, he did not have an "intimate relationship with Christ" and felt a call to respond to the Lord. 


One event leader said, "We're hearing testimonies from these students saying, ‘Hey, I walked in contemplating suicide, but I left with the most joy and peace I've ever experienced.’ It's just amazing and it's moving.  Students are saying they are ‘hungry for more.’”


This is very similar to previous events where hundreds of young people were spontaneously baptized at Auburn University in Alabama last September.


“It was [a] pretty incredible night, and we didn’t plan it,” a leader said of the September event, noting she had a “sense of the Spirit…moving” after speaking. “I get off the stage, and [a pastor] walked up to me and said … ‘This girl just texted me and said, ‘I want to be baptized tonight.’”


“As worship was going, the crowd was asked if anyone wanted to be baptized. As dozens of hands went up.  Everyone was told they would head down to the lake to do the baptisms. And that moment sparked a massive response.”


“Everybody came,” she said. “They picked up people on their way. There were 6,000 people on there, and I mean, it was just wrapping the entire lake, and it’s a pretty big lake. It was wild.”


Baptisms continued until midnight, with the young people sharing their passion for the Lord.


Other campuses are experiencing similar events:  University of Alabama, Florida State University, Texas A&M University and an upcoming event is scheduled for the University of Tennessee.


Sources:  Fox News & CBN News


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