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What Is A Vineyard Church?

The Vineyard is a God-initiated global movement of churches with the Kingdom of God as its theological center. The Bible is our rule of faith and practice. Our desire is to know the Bible, do what it says, and experience the way of living it describes.

We embrace a full range of kingdom practices from proclaiming the Good News of Jesus, to healing and deliverance, to ministry with the poor. Vineyard churches embody a praxis that includes intimate worship, actively equipping ordinary people for ministry, responding to the initiative and leading of the Holy Spirit, and joining God’s mission in the world.


Luke Geraty

Red Bluff Vineyard

“Most local Vineyard churches that I know are committed to helping people experience God’s presence. It’s part of our DNA and always has been. ”

The History of

The Vineyard Movement

The Vineyard movement emerged on the scene in the late 1970s, at what has been called a “crossroads” of American Christianity and culture.

Recent Vineyard USA National Conference

The Quest for the Radical Middle

A value within the Vineyard movement is to love the whole Church and to take the best from all the various traditions (that have Biblical foundations) and bring them together in one place.  At Christ The King Community Church, we see the three historical streams of the Liturgical, Evangelical and Pentecostal faiths as three legs to a stool that can not stand if one is missing.   It is a whole expression of the Christian faith instead of a polarized, "either-or" approach.  ​  Learn more <HERE>

"The Vineyard's gift to the larger church will be it stewardship of

the Kingdom of God message and ministry of Jesus in the power of the Spirit for today..." 

-- Don Williams, Vineyard Pastor & Theologian

What Makes A Vineyard Church Unique?

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